"wave generation service for acoustic and magnetostrictive applications"
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Subscribe to online version $50 for 1 month Subscribe for 1 month
Subscribe to online version $100 for 3 months Subscribe for 3 months
Subscribe to online version $200 for 1 year Subscribe for 1 year
Download application for $499

Purchase is easy! You may purchase access to Vibroseis waveforms on a subscription basis. A subscription gives you access to the waveform generator and a limited non-exclusive license to apply the technology. Once you are registered, you have access to the waveform generator and stored stock waveform files. You may also store your own configuration files for later review, editing, or wave form generation.

If you are unfamiliar with using the waveform generation technique, or you wish to "play" with waveform generation on a demo basis, we offer a simple one month subscription. If you have an upcoming project or wish to do more intense or longer term evaluation, please request a six month subscription. One year and three year subscriptions are also available, which are useful to corporate subscribers.

Once your subscription is registered, you will receive the access code to use the waveform generator and associated databases and stock files.

Payment may be by Check, PayPal or using your company petty-cash procurement card. P.O.'s will be considered on a case-by-case basis considering the small dollar amount. We have facility to accept other forms of payment (wire transfers, direct credit card, international payments, etc) via Digibuy. If you require this method of payment, we can give you the Digibuy information.

To order a subscription, email your contact information, including company name if applicable, to: You will be contacted with pricing, payment instructions and other important information.

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